Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Chapter Three

Soon enough Jo had a couple of days off work
 After eating some leftover waffles, she didn't have the will to do the washing up, though she knew she should, so she just piled the dishes up on a table and left them
 Heading out of the shack on her battered old bike
She decided on a whim to swing by the consignment store where she was able to pick up a new cookery book at a massive discount
 She only realised later that she'd need far more cookery knowledge to make sense of it...

After that she headed over to the graveyard
Unable to let her family go, she mourned over their graves for some time

Before settling down on a bench by the pond to read her original cookery book
She stayed there reading late into the evening
 When she received a call from one of her co-workers
 After chatting for a while, she realised how late it was getting and decided to head home 
 Once there she decided she was sick of the mess she was living in
She collected up the plates she'd left around the place since moving in and washed them up, she also picked up her dirty clothes from the floor and chucked them in the tatty laundry basket
Having done that, she notice a horrible smell coming from the fridge, checking inside she discovered some of her leftovers had spoiled so she took them out to the bin
That spurt of cleaning took all her energy, and yet still left her feeling deeply depressed over the state of her 'home' 
 With no more energy, she decided to go straight to bed, it was getting late anyway
 The next morning Jo determined to finish off her first cooking book before doing anything else 
Having done that she then found herself having to throw more leftovers away since they'd spoiled 
Having done that, she made herself some more food
 Before deciding to brave the local library in search of a new cookery book to read 
On arriving, she recognised her boss, Freya Frost
 And, plucking up her courage, went over and asked Freya for some cooking tips
Freya was delighted to pass on some of her great store of knowledge
Even sharing one of her special recipes with Jo
And the two were soon chatting away over the subject and much more 


  1. I'm glad she's meeting more people! Poor Jo needs to get out more and start moving on. =)

  2. I love that you can learn cooking by talking with other sims about cooking. Glad Jo has found that option, too!