Monday, 22 August 2011

Chapter Two

Jo woke up on her second day in Riverblossom Hills
 She looked around the shack she now lived in, remembering her family and the home she used to have...
After a quick, cold, shower
She went into what passed for a kitchen and made herself some waffles 
 Crying as she did so
 Before making her way back to the graveyard
 to visit, and mourn, her family
 She didn't want to leave them, or go back to her shack, so she found a bench in the corner
 And read her cookery book until it was time to go to work

Her shift was busy, frenetic even, and the constant work left her little time to get to know her co-workers or impress her boss 

 Leaving the restaurant she felt terrible, so many people around had left her almost crippled with shyness and her grief was overpowering
 When she got home all that awaited her were bills in the letterbox

After a quick meal of leftover salad
 And another bout of tears

 She curled up on her bed with her book for a few minutes reading
 Before diving under the covers to sleep

 And dream of her losses 
The next day followed a similar pattern, tears as she got ready for the day
Followed by a morning in the graveyard, mourning her family and reading

 Before dashing off to work 

 Another manic shift

 Before heading home for reading
 And sleep, she hadn't even had the energy or motivation to clean the dishes or pick her clothes up from the ground


  1. Poor Jo! She certainly is having a hard time.
    I love her house.

  2. I hope she finds some happiness soon! I feel so bad for your pixelated Jo!!!

    Scratch that: after reading her generation roll, it doesn't look she will. :( Poor girl.

    And I agree with yang. I love that house.

  3. No, sorry, she's really not going to have a happy life I'm afraid :(

    The house is awesome for the type of place I wanted her to be stuck in