Saturday, 20 August 2011

Chapter One: A New Start

Joanna arrived in Riverblossom Hills, she hadn't been able to face staying in Bridgeport after losing her family so terribly.

The insurers had refused to pay out for the damage caused by the meteor, claiming it was an "Act of God" and therefore not covered by the insurance, so all she'd been able to afford was this tiny run-down place on the edge of town.
 The first thing Joanna did, before even looking around her new home, was head off to the graveyard to lay her family to rest
  As she placed their graves, it hit her all over again that she'd never see them again... 
  How would she face life without them?  She'd never really had any friends, Jasmine had been enough company for her
She wandered around the town for a while, not wanting to go back to her empty little shack
   She saw a sign in the local restaurant saying that they needed dishwashers 
 Knowing she needed a job to pay the bills, she went in to apply and was asked to turn up to work the next day 
 Having got the job, she spotted the local consignment store 
 And went in to pick up some much needed furniture, the estate agent had confessed that the house didn't even have a shower or an oven!
 After which she headed back to try and get the place in a little bit of order
Feeling tired from the stresses of the day, she curled up on the battered old bed for a nap
 On waking up she went over to the makeshift bookcase 
 And picked up a cookbook to read up on techniques for her new career 
After reading for a while, she realised she was feeling quite hungry, so she went into what passed for a kitchen to make herself some dinner 
 Rummaging through the fridge, she grabbed the ingredients to make a quick salad 
 The concentration of cooking pushed thoughts of her loss to the back of her mind, at least for a while 
 She ate her dinner off her lap, sitting on the one battered chair she owned
Having finished dinner, her loss hit her again and she burst into tears in the bathroom
 After which she settled down on her bed with a book once again 
 Before slipping below the covers to sleep for her first night in Riverblossom Hills 


  1. Wow, that place sure is a... Fixer upper! Haha. I hope Jo makes some money fast so she can at least afford some decent furniture!! Poor girl. =(

  2. Without wanting to give too much away, money may not be the only factor in her improving the place...

  3. Great start Ali! I feel so bad for Jo. She went from this beautiful luxurious home full of family and loved ones to that shack.

  4. So this is the next legacy that I'm going to catch up on, haha, and I just have to say that there was something both sad and lovely about watching her Plumbob change from red to green over the course of this chapter. Like, she's lost everything, but there's a chance for hope there lingering just in the background.

    ...oh God, I need a life. xD

  5. I love playing in Riverblossom Hills! Usually, that particular house is the first one I clear out though. HA!